Meet Eduardo J. Villanueva, our March artist

I’ve known Eddie for years and watched his work develop from thoughtful lithos and monographs in our tiny printmaking studio when we were at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee together to the giant murals he painted around Milwaukee before he left for grad school. One of those lovely murals he painted in the showroom of Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery – a place I worked at for years – and so I had a chance to sit with it more often than a lot of art in my life.  It was a painting of rams and swirls and night skies painted in mostly pastels complete with skulls and bunny rabbits and hearts and crosses.  Definitely a cross between mythical symbolism and a pretty picture, which was perfect for Paper Boat.   I’ve watched his art develop through his blog and running across his work on various Facebook posts and although I loved that mural (rip), I am really excited about the direction his art has taken in the last couple years. Its definitely getting stranger as he develops his own vernacular on a level only available to those who can think, breathe and create art on a daily basis.  Exploding Equestrian is influenced by the large scale installations he has been doing lately, but also incorporates the hand of the viewer and includes an invitation to explore these shapes and possibilities on your own.  I can say that when he delivered them, I was in awe of each piece.  Each collection of tiles (he calls them a print, definitely an unconventional print – perfect for psf) has a color scheme that differs from the others, carefully assembled so each tile accents the tiles it surrounds.  The overall effect is stunning.  I am excited that although I have no room for a 16 foot mural, this piece will be a welcome addition to my collection.




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