Fred Stonehouse

Now showing at Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, Fred Stonehouse explores the relationship between memory and image, re-invested cliches, mythical beasts, beards, bears and taxidermy from the edge of the Horicon Marsh.  If you weren’t there today, you missed the artist talk.  If you go before February 4th, you can still see the art.  Read an article I wrote on it here. And go.  The show is great.

a break

After a year of artist releases, Printshop Forever will be taking a short break.  I’m going to keep on blogging and the shop will stay open, but will be re-vamping the way the site functions.  No worries – You’ll learn about the changes here before anywhere else!  Stay tuned.

Eva Zeisel

I was lucky enough to meet Eva Zeisel in 2004 when I was interning for a decorative arts company called the Chipstone Foundation.  They had worked hard to create a retrospective exhibition of sorts shown at the Milwaukee Art Museum, not long after the breathtaking new Calatrava addition was completed.  This must have caught Eva’s attention because she insisted on a visit.  The foundation was a buzz with the news, because of course everyone was so excited, but also because Eva was 98 and her visit brought about a lot of planning and a lot of finger crossing that with wings of the addition would go up that day (wind speeds over 35 mph mean they stay down.)  Eva did come and the wings did go up.  It was an amazing visit touring a monument of architectural design with someone who had spent her life creating objects so similar in energy, but so different in scale.  Although I had spent a lot of time in the space, it was inspiring to see it through the eyes of someone so well versed in design.

Her life was an amazing one- being imprisoned, fleeing from Nazi occupation, teaching in the US– not only being one of the great modernist designers, but in a time when women often weren’t afforded the opportunity.

I was married this year and my china was designed by her.  I love the way it looks with all of its nesting biomorphic utilitarian objects- tea pots and coffee mugs, platters and plates- which she described as practical objects for the common table.  I have it displayed next to the china my grandmother received at her wedding in the 50s – hand painted, gold leafed, traditional.  Together they make for an striking display, one well used and loved next to the other which will be with time.

Eva passed away on December 30th, I am sorry to say.  Amazingly at the age of 105.  She will be missed, although her legacy continues to thrive.

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Eddie Villanueva, up-to-date

A new website is launched and one of my favorite artists, Eddie Villanueva, showcases his many talents in a sleek new setting.  Click here to check it out– and click here to buy one of the last Exploding Equestrian available exclusively through Printshop Forever.

PSF artist Evan Ross Murphy on Home Again

photo by Ghazal Sheei, founder of Home Again

I stayed at Evan’s house at many points in 2008 and 2009.  The most significant thing that sticks out in my mind is the aquarium with the frogs and sleeping on the floor.  Oh how things have changed over the years.  Truly a magical land captured by the very talented Ghazal Sheei.  If you have never read her blog before click here – it’s worth it.

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